Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Fight for Oregonians Who Buy Insurance

Oregon personal injury lawyers recently scored a victory for everyday consumers of insurance. In Parks v. Farmers Insurance, (Case No. CC 0306-06214, Dec. 24, 2009), the Oregon Supreme Court ruled in favor of an insured when it held the insurance company was on notice of a claim when the insured telephoned the insurer after suffering significant property damage.  According to the Oregon Supreme Court, the phone call and ensuing conversation between insured and insurer constituted “proof of loss” under ORS 742.061.  This statute allows Oregonians suffering personal injuries and property damage to recover their attorney fees against the insurance company when the consumer hires an attorney to represent him or her against an insurance company who refuses to pay full value on a valid claim.  You can read the complete opinion here: http://www.publications.ojd.state.or.us/S055403.htm

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